Below is an outline of our core curriculum. Please click here for a printable PDF version.

Personal Safety

- Understanding man overboard routine
- Avoidance of crushing injuries
- Special risks to children
- Correctly fit buoyancy aid or life jacket
- Avoiding fire risk and using fire fighting equipment


Safe use of

- Windlass
- Understanding how a lock works
- Names of its components
- Importance of water conservation.
- Lock etiquette.


´┐╝Safe use of

- Boathooks & Barge poles
- Anchor & Piling hooks
- Mooring pins

- Knots & rope handling
- Securing to pins, bollards and rings


´┐╝- Communications, hand signals, horn
- Correct terminology for pars of craft
- Steering, mooring up, rules of the road
- Understanding behaviour of narrowboats in shallow and deep water, and their interaction with other boats, banks, bridges and tunnels.
- Running aground procedures

Safe, friendly, considerate boating

License conditions, by laws and environmental considerations.

Every effort will be made to blend the curriculum into the practicality of the day thus reinforcing theory with practise.

Engine Bay

- ´┐╝Routine checks
- Weed hatch checks
- Location of isolation devices